and WE Profit.

If you’re high on ambition but short on time, join me and my team on a fast-track intensive designed to refine your vision, launch your business and start seeing ​real profits ​within 90 days.

90 days that will change everything

I get it—you’re big on ambition but short on patience. That’s the mark of a true entrepreneur. You know you’re sitting on something ​incredible ​and now it’s time to share it with the world... but how?

  • You know you need a website.
  • You know you need a sales funnel.
  • You know you need marketing and creative power.
  • You know you need to understand your audience and how to make them click “buy.”

But you don’t know HOW. 

Through a mix of full-day and half-day training plus two months of targeted 1-on-1 coaching and support that’s 100% designed for YOU, we’ll put you on a path to success—a path you define and you ​benefit from.

I’ll be there every step of the way, powering your passion and making the impossible ​possible.  Because 90 days from now I want you to be where you want—and ​deserve—​to be. ​And you can.  Join me on this inspired and inspiring journey now.  

A Path to Success,
Defined and Driven by ​You​.

As soon as you register,  I’ll share insights, intel, content, and training designed to help you quickly startup your business, and keep pushing the envelope so you can grow, scale and excel.
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You’ll have full access to your dedicated team of skilled WE Start-Up Studio designers, strategists, digital developers, copywriters and marketing professionals.
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No entrepreneur is an island. With access to our community of like-minded, big-hearted women, you’ll always have that critical support. Remember, We’re in this together.



Above all, you’ll have direct, intimate access to ​me ​and my nearly 40 years of building successful businesses and non-profit organizations, teaching, coaching and helping countless women entrepreneurs get ahead—and stay there.

THE WE VIP CREATION coaching program includes

Branding & Identity

New Website

One-on-One Private Coaching

Sales Funnel Development & Content

Professionally Written Opt-In Freebie

Support and Accountability

Profesionally Written Content

High Converting Opt-In Development


Be Living Your Best Life...in 90 Days

This fast-track 90-day intensive is 100% customized to YOU, your passion and your purpose.  Over the next three months we’ll define your goals, structure your path to success and ignite  your journey from ​passion ​to ​purpose ​to ​profit, ​eliminating the hurdles and uncertainty that have  held you back in the past.

Now is the time—​your time. ​Don’t wait. Go from PASSION to PROFIT in just  90 days.

Laurie Marks Law

"My mission is to help you live with that deep sense of purpose, all the while making the world a better place ​by simply being you."

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