WE CREATE. ​Together.  

This six-month 1-on-1 private coaching intensive will transform your mindset and your journey,  helping you turn inspiration into ideas and passion into ​profit.

Together, We will Transform. 

In this six-month intensive, I’ll take you by the hand and lead you through the entrepreneur journey. Powered by your passion and inner-most purpose, we’ll carve out a unique, tangible and successful ​path anchored in what matters to ​you. ​Best of all, we’ll discover ways to make that passion profitable so you can devote your whole self to this exciting new chapter.

  • Maybe you’re shoulder-deep in the grind, with no signs of escaping—or profiting.
  • Maybe you’ve tried to break out on your own before, but didn’t have the right roadmap in place.
  • Maybe you’re an expert in your industry—but ​no one knows.
  • Maybe you don’t know where you fit into the big picture, but you know what you’re doing isn’t working.

I get it—because I’ve been there. ​We all want to live our best lives centered around our unique passions and purpose. But, too often, we don’t. We believe we can’t or we believe ​that ​kind of success is reserved for someone else. I want you to see that’s ​not ​the case. I want you to achieve and excel and ​enjoy​ it because you are doing exactly what you were meant to do and nothing else.


THE WE VIP CREATION coaching program includes

Branding & Identity

New Website

One-on-One Private Coaching

Sales Funnel Development & Content

Professionally Written Opt-In Freebie

Support and Accountability

Profesionally Written Content

High Converting Opt-In Development


Ongoing Support and Individualized Coaching

Based on 1-on-1 coaching, support and accountability, you’ll always have the resources you need right at your fingertips. In addition, you’ll have access to our community of entrepreneurs and unparalleled resources and digital tools, available to you anytime, anywhere.


You’ll have full access to the WE Start-Up Studio team of skilled designers, strategists, digital developers, copywriters and marketing professionals.


Above all, you’ll have direct, intimate access to ​me ​and my nearly 40 years of building successful businesses and non-profit organizations, teaching, coaching and helping countless women entrepreneurs get ahead—and stay there. 


No entrepreneur is an island. With access to our community of like-minded, big-hearted women,  you’ll always have that critical support. 

You ​Can​ Do This. 

Over the next six months, my full attention will be on you and your transformation—a  transformation that will happen very quickly but with total purpose and vision. During this time we’ll work together 1-on-1 so you get the individualized support and services you need to scale fast and profit even faster.

Live Life with Passion, Purpose...and PROFIT

Take control of your life by taking control of your career.

VIP Creation

  • 1 One-on-One Private Coaching
  • 2 New Website
  • 3 Professionally Written Content
  • 4 Branding and Identity
  • 5 Sales Funnel Development and Content
  • 6 High Converting Opt-In Development
  • 7 Professionally Written Opt-In Freebie
  • 8 Support and Accountability





It’s your journey and that journey starts now. Together, we’ll turn your passion into profit.


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